Sonnet 18

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  • Sonnet 18
    • Better than a summers day which brings happiness and joy.
    • Summers days don't come by often like love and dont last long.
    • 'Rough winds do not shake' Fights dont change our love.
    • Summer ends not like love which is eternal.
    • Heaven- Angelic and complimentary. (Religious overtone)
    • 'complexion dimmd' clouds come and shadow love (fights and imperfections)
    • summers lease- Rent, short and borrowed not actually yours- can be taken away
    • 'Nor death shall brag' death doesnt effect love it is eternal- Religious life after death
    • 'Eternal summer shall not fade'
    • 'Natures changing course' Like the moon changes (season) but not like love


Paul Dutton


A clear and useful guide to this sonnet.

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