Solutions to Malaria

The focus is now on disease control/containment rather that eradication. Some of the techniques used have been included in this mind map.

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  • Solutions to Malaria.
    • Attack the breeding ground.
      • Release water from dams to drown immature larvae. Can be successful but is expensive.
      • Plant eucalyptus trees to soak up moisture. However, the trees take a long time to mature.
      • Spray oil on top of breeding grounds as this will suffocate the larvae.
      • Introduce small fish to padi-fields to eat larvae. A very successful technique. Fish also provide protein for the farmers However, mosquitoes can breed elsewhere.
    • Attack the mosquitoes.
      • Using genetic engineering to introduce a race of "burly" infertile male mosquitoes which will mate with the females without producing fertile eggs. After a while the mosquito population would be greatly reduced or wiped out.
      • Use mosquito nets over beds at night. Most bites occur at night. It is cheap and simple but effective.
    • Attack the parasite.
      • Use drugs to kill the plasmodium in the human host- reasonably successful but the plasmodium is developing immunity to regularly used drugs like Chloroquine.
      • Developing vaccines that will protect the host from contrating malaria- successful in some areas but new vaccines are expensive and some have unpleasant side effects.
  • Spray oil on top of breeding grounds as this will suffocate the larvae.


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