Atmosphere Unit- Geography Higher

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Inter Tropical Convergence Zone/ITCZ

A belt of low pressure, made by combination of equatorial heating and convergence of trade winds. Migrates with the changing position of the equator. 

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Air Mass

A large volume of air in the atmosphere, mostly uniform in moisture and temperature. Influenced by conditions in its source region. 

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The most important air masses affecting Africa

The Tropical Continental (cT) and Tropical maritime (mT). 

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The Thermal Equator

Moves in response to the changing position of the sun and affects the location of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. 

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The north-east trade winds come from the Tropical Continental (cT) air mass.

The south-west trade winds come from the Tropical Maritime (mT) air mass.

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The Coriolis Effect

How a moving object seems to veer toward the right in the Northern hemisphere and left in the Southern hemisphere. An example of the Coriolis effect is hurricane winds turning left in the Northern hemisphere.

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