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  • Softwares
    • System software
      • Applications software is a term used to describe programs that have been written to help the user carry out a specific task
    • Application software
      • Systems software is the name given to the programs which help the user to control and make the best use of the computer hardware. The operating system and utility programs are types of systems software.
      • An example of these softwares is an operating system which is used to control all the hardware and the other softwares on the computer
      • There are also untility program which are the clean up software of the computer
        • Eg: virus-checking programs scan a computers storage devices for the presence of known viruses.
        • backup programs make a copy of a file for security purposes.
        • disk-formatting programs set up a new disk so that the computers operating system can access it. Disk formatting was a common occurrence for users when floppy disks were the main form of transferable backing storage and it is still sometimes necessary for rewritable CDs and DVDs.


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