sociological perspectives on social policy

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  • sociological perspectives on social policy
    • positivist
      • sociology should influence socisl policy and improve lives
      • view is similar to that of a medical researcher
    • new right
      • improve independence from welfare state, support family values, capitalism
        • influential under conservative
      • marriage tax allowance, capping universal child benefit, making work pay
        • influenced
      • divorce law reform 1969, same sex marriage
        • don't like- goes against nuclear family
    • social democratic
      • tackle inequality and improve lives of the poor, encourage a mixed economy
        • influential under labour
      • paying child benefit to mother, fairer acce** to healthcare, compensatory education
        • influenced
      • making work pay, make life more difficult for poor
        • don't like::
    • marxist
      • tackle capitalist ideology and oppre**ive policies to get rid of false cc, many policies are 'tokens' for WC but don't actually help them
      • raising awarene** of tax evasion/ cries of powerful, higher taxation of rich, trad unions
      • don't like: making work pay
      • too revolutonary
    • feminist
      • reduce effects and abolish patriarchy, liberal feminists- gradual change, radical feminists- more revolutionary
      • ** marriage act, equal pay ans sex discrimination act, positive discrimination policies to attract women in certain areas of social life
      • don't like: marriage tax allowance, reinforce nuclear family
    • conclusion
      • sociology has considerable influence of social policy both in UK and internationally
      • research leads to policy proposals but many factors affect if its implemented
      • sociological perspectives vary in terms of purpose and social policy


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