Sociological Perspective

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  • Sociological Perspective
    • Functionalism
      • Emile Durkheim
      • Believes in consensus- Everything works in harmony
      • Consensus theory
      • Believes that society has basic needs for survival and therefore social order is essential.
      • Requires co-operation which is maintained by shared values and socialisation.
      • Believes society consists of social institutions, reinforcing norms and values.
      • Organic Analogy
        • Both the human body and society  consists of interrelated parts that need to function together in order
      • They see social disorder as a temporary disturbance to the system.
    • Marxism
      • Karl Marx
        • Influenced communism in Russia.
      • Conflict theory
      • Believes conflict is base on class. Social groups are in conflict due to opposing interests.
      • Social order is imposed by the ruling power class over the working class.
      • There is a set of beliefs and values which disguise and distort reality.
      • People are unaware of the conflict of interest and their lack of awareness maintains social order.
      • The proletariat hava a false class consciousness that the media and education has created, stopping them from rebelling capitalism
    • Feminism
      • Patriarchy - Men have exploited women for a long time.
      • Patriarchy exists in family, workplace and government.
      • The level of expoitation reflects the economic organisation of the time.
      • Men can exploit women as childbirth makes them weak.
      • The fact that men are physically stronger is exaggerated by gender role socialisation.
    • Interactionism
      • Max Weber
      • Sees us as having free will and choice.
      • Emphasises the power of individuals to create society through actions and interactions.


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