"UK Socialists still aim to abolish Capitalism" Discuss

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  • "Socialists in the UK have generally sought to modify capitalism rather than replace it." Discuss (35)
    • 1. Socialism is a rejection/critique of capitalism, responding to the increase of bad conditios produced by the Industrial Rev in the 19th C. It offers an alternative economic system driven by collectivism and cooperation
    • 2. Early socialists - Owen, influenced mainly by religion, wanted to sought a better community spirit through small community socialism - Owen's New Harmony in the US.
    • 3. Marx - Wasn't untilt the influence & analysis of Marx & Engels of the conditons in Manchester and Gernamny that Capitalism was rejected.
      • For Marx, capitalism was the reason behind class conflict, with bad by-products of poverty, crime etc.
      • Capitalism is not compatible with the socialist idea of egalitarianism view of freedom and its idea of perfect nature of human beings
    • 4. Bernstein - Social Democracy. Argued against Marxism, stating that the middle class were growing in number. Affluence of the lower class was increasing and the fall of capitalism was not inevitable.
    • 5. Bernstein influenced groups in the UK such as the Fabians and Gradualists who believed in Democratic Socialism - they wanted to sought to modify capitalism, but still did want to abolish it through democratic means.
    • 6. The Cold War made it quite difficult for popular UK parties such as Labour to voice socialist opinions
    • Other UK socialist parties - Socialist Party of England and Wales, Socialist Party of GB and Socialist' Workers Party. This question doesn't necessarily apply to only Labour.


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