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  • Can socialist values be reconciled to liberal values?
    • NO
      • Liberals prioritise individual liberty, socialists a fairer society.
      • Liberals think individuals shape society, socialists think society shapes individuals.
      • Liberals see inequality of outcome as a sign of freedom, socialists think inequality of outcome precludes equality of opportunity.
      • Liberals see capitalism as a condition of freedom, fundamentalist socialists see it as a threat to freedom.
      • Socialists wish to extend state intervention, classical and Neo-liberals wish to reduce it.
    • YES
      • Socialism and liberalism are products of the Enlightenment.
      • Socialism and liberalism always believe in the possibility of progress.
      • Socialism and liberalism stress liberty and equality.
      • Socialism and liberalism reject hereditary political power and paternalism.
      • Socialism and modern liberalism endorse 'positive liberty' and further state intervention.


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