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  • Social Policy
    • Butler Act 1944- Functionalists
      • Shaped the idea of meritocracy ( That the best rises to the top) that individuals should achieve in education through their own hard work
        • Introduction of 11+
        • Tripartite system Grammar, Technical Secondary
      • Advantages -- Everyone can go to school free - whatever mark they get
        • Better chance of work in the future
      • Disadvantage -- You'd get a better mark if you have more money -- Culture Capital
        • Unreliable as not everyone is mature at 11
      • Evaluation -- Functionalists would agree with this because of Parsons of Parsons Meritocracy and therfore if they were going to be smart they would be
    • Comprehensive Schools 1965
      • Catchment area based education, everyone around goes to the same place
      • Advantages -- All Children get access the same quality of schooling
        • Equal status with children
      • Disadvantages -- Although everyone went to the same school social segregation occurred
        • Streaming sets was unfair
      • Evaluation-- Marxists agree that is good
        • New Right think it's good as the experts know better than others
    • Education Reform Act  1988
      • National Curriculum  Attend school from 5-16 study thee same subjects
      • Advantages-- Everyone was taught the same therefore they had an equal opportunity at work
        • Didn't have to near to attend
      • Disadvantages -- League tables showed raw mark, with no indication of social circumstances
        • Schools become marketed
      • Evaluation -=-  Guborn Youdell -- showed schools helped kids more if they were on the GCSE border rater than everyone


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