Social influences on gender

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  • Social influences on gender
    • Parents
      • There's evidence for differential reinforcement from parents - they reinforce gender appropriate behaviour but not gender inappropriate.
      • Smith and Lloyd- observed mothers playing with an infant who was either presented as a b/g. The mothers selected gender appropriate toys and more actively with boys.
      • Fagot et al - Found that parents who show the clearest patterns of differential reinforcement have children who are quickest developing strong gender preferences.
    • A02
      • Mothers and fathers appear to behave differently with regards to reinforcement.
      • Langlois and Downes- found that fathers who were openly disapproving of their sons inappropriate behaviour, where as mothers simply reinforced gender appropriate play.
        • They also found a similar pattern of behaviour in peer reinforcement - the boys reacted negatively to gender inappropriate behaviour, where as girls more tolerant.


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