Social Facilitation

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    • "where the mere presence of others affects performance of an activity"
    • Dominant Responses
      • Michaels at al. & the pool players
        • showed that the presence of others increases performance of a dominant response
      • "the behaviour that is most likely to be performed in a given situation"
    • Arousal
      • Distraction - Conflict Theory
        • Saunders et al. & the tasks
          • shows that distraction causes an enhancement of performance of simple tasks and inhibitance of complext tasks
      • Evaluation Apprehension
        • Bartis et al. & the knives
          • showed that evaluation apprehension enhances the performance of simple tasks and inhibits the performance of complex tasks
        • "when in the presence of others, we are concerned that they may be evaluating our performance
      • enhances performance at a task when at a moderate level
      • inhibits performance at a task when too high or low
    • Triplett & the fishing reels


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