social psychological: evaluation

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  • social psychological factors: evaluation
    • research support
      • blass and schmitt
        • showed pp video of milgram study
      • blame the legitimate authority for the pp behaviour
      • blamed experimenter
        • top of the hierachy
        • expert authority
    • a limited explanation
      • cannot explain why some of milgrams pp disobeyed
      • or lack of moral in Hofling sudy
        • didn't show levels of anxiety
      • agentic shift
        • can only account for some situations
    • cultural differences
      • explains obedience in different cultures
      • reflects different social hierachies
      • kilham & mann
        • replicated milgrams procedure in Australia
        • 16% only went all the way to the top
        • german- 85% obeyed
      • some countries authority is more accepted


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