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  • Sociology and Social Policy
    • Feminist Approach
      • Female oppression through social policy
      • state promotes nuclear family
      • society based on conflict
      • polices should promote positive female images
      • teacher training to promote inclusiveness for both sexes
    • marxist approach
      • social policy promotes ideological legitimation
      • maintain the labour force
      • prevent revolution
      • the state represents the ruling class
      • caring face of capitalism
    • New Right Approach
      • state should have minimal involvement
      • welfare state offers perverse incentives
      • individuals should have control
      • alternative policies
      • restore responsibility
    • Functionalist Approach
      • helps society run more smoothly and efficiently
      • piecemeal social engineering
        • one issue at a time
      • value consensus
      • sociology should provide objective scientific research
    • social democratic approach
      • we need to change the basic structure of society
      • research social problems and make policy recommendations
      • Black Report (1980)
        • 37 policy recommendations
        • conservative government would not pass them through
      • Townsend


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