societal roles

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  • social institutions: the role they play in society
    • family
      • first things learnt are from family
      • learn their views and values before anyone elses
      • ask for their opinions and advice before anyone else
    • education system
      • good education can lead to a good job, resulting in a good lifestyle
      • poor education can result in poverty, poor wages, poor lifestyle choices
      • first friends are normally made in education- this can set you up for life.
      • spend just as much time with teachers as you do your parents, they become a figure you trust and ask advice  from and rely on
    • religious organisations
      • religious rules can are well followed
      • religions can result in peace and also war.
      • the views are wildely conflicted over.
      • can give people the reason and excuse to go against the law and then justify it with religion
    • health and social care services
      • prevent illness
      • get rid of illness
      • improve quality of life
      • offers advice
      • allow each individual to feel equal
      • allows every person to live their best life
    • economic system
      • money affects quality of life
      • affects physical things- can't afford medication, transport to services, decent food.
      • too much money can cause behavioural problems aswell, due to them believing they will ALWAYS have everything handed to them
    • political system
      • decisions made may upset country
      • decisions made may help certain groups, but not all
      • EVERY SINGLE decision made affects people
      • constantly in the spotlight, every move is watched and commented on


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