Snail habituation- Core Practical

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  • Snail habituation- Core Practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Poking the snail in the eye stalk
      • Dependent
        • How long it takes for the snail to retract and re-emerge
      • Control
        • Snail- Species and age
          • Each snail will have different reaction times
        • Outside threats to eye stalk
          • Snail could respond to other stimuli
        • Handling history
          • Snail could already be habituated to stimuli
        • Same cotton bud
          • a different bud could lead to a different reaction
        • Poking in the same place
          • Poking in a different place could create a different response
    • Equiptment
      • Snail
      • White tile
      • Cotton bud
      • Water
      • Stop watch
    • Method
      • 1. Collect a snail and place it on the white tile
      • 2. Dampen the cotton bud with some water
      • 3. Touch the snail on the eye stalk
      • 4. Start the stop watch at the same time
      • 5. Measure the time it takes for the snail to retreat into its shell and emerge
      • 6. Repeat the experiment until the snail does not retreat into its shell


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