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June 2013 article related questions

1) Suggest why a dispersive morph in naked mole-rat colonies helps with the continuation of
the naked mole-rat species. (2)

2) Naked mole-rats have DNA fingerprints that have coefficients of band sharing ranging from
Outline the process that occurs to produce these DNA fingerprints.…

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General 6BI05 questions
1) Compare anaerobic respiration in animals and plants (or microorganisms). (4)

2) Describe the two process by which hormones can cause certain genes to be turned on.

3) What is the negative feedback principle? (2)

4) Describe the ATP/PC system. (3)

5) Name the enzyme used…

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June 2013 article related questions (answers)

1) - Promotes outbreeding
- Idea of helping to increase the {gene pool}
- More likely to survive changes in habitat (if number of genes increased)

2) - Reference to extracting DNA
- Add {restriction enzymes/endonucleases}
- (To) cut the DNA into fragments

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- Each population is subjected to different {selection pressures}
- Different {mutations} in each population accumulate
- Idea of advantageous alleles being passed on to the next generation
- There is a difference in the gene pools of each population/species due to different allele
- Idea of another (different)…

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General 6BI05 questions (answers)
1) - Anaerobic respiration in animals produces {lactate/lactic acid} AND in
plants/microorganisms produces {ethanol}
- Both begin from glycolysis/conversion of glucose to (two) pyruvate(s)
- Idea of both synthesising {the same amount of/two/eq} amounts of ATP
- Idea of anaerobic respiration in plants/microorganisms having more stages/steps…

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- Light causes rhodopsin to break down
- Rhodopsin breaks down into opsin and retinal
- Reference to opsin indirectly causing the {hydrolysis} of a molecule on the
{cation/sodium/eq} channel
- Reference to the closure of the {cation/sodium/eq} channel
- Reference to sodium being pumped out of the {inner segment}…

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- So that the snail becomes {habituated}

13) - Idea of energy not being wasted on useless reflexes to {non-threating stimuli/eq}

14) - Sodium/potassium ion pump moves sodium ions out of the neurone and potassium
ions into the neurone
- {Some/eq} potassium ions move out of the neurone through potassium…


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