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  • SLT approach to gender
    • memory technique
      • M-modelling is showing behaviour e.g Gerrard playing football on TV
      • I-identify. That's when we see ourselves like that role model
      • I-imitate. This is copying a models behaviour
      • R-reinforcement. This is the strengthening of behaviour. can be done vicariously or directly.
        • Parents may unknowingly reinforce sex stereotypes by buying their children sex stereotypical toys such as dolls and action men
    • Nurture
      • On the side of nurture in the nature nurture argument. This is due to the belief that all of our behaviour is learnt through observations.
    • Perry and Bussey conducted an experiment to see if Children would follow gender role models. They observed 4 males choose an apple and 4 females choose a banana. The male children all chose apples and the females all chose bananas.
      • It has low ecological validity as the study was done in a lab experiment so it doesn't represent real life


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