singh song

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  • Singh Song
    • "9'oclock to 9'oclock"
      • work day=long and restrictive
    • "do di lock"
      • love is priority view of young generation
        • e.g. childish language "daddy"
    • dialect
      • shows love for culture\forces reader to ingest his culture
    • "tartan sari"
      • unification of traditional indian culture and English fashion
        • she is rebellious and unafraid to mic heritage and culture
    • half rhyme in fourth quattraine
      • relationship is not full when they are apart
    • juxtaposition of complaints and wifes loving moments
      • shows how hes being pulled between both responsibilities and which he prioritises
      • "tiny eyes ov a gun and di tummy ov a teddy"
        • dangerous/ harsh strong woman against stereotypes
        • soft cuddly loving child like positive playful
          • hard shell soft centre
            • dangerous/ harsh strong woman against stereotypes
    • repition
      • "she say" "I say"
    • rhyme
      • musical like a song
        • when couple together rhyme is complete
    • sibilance/ personification
      • "whispering stairs"
        • soft and stairs know their secrets romantic
        • fairytale e.g. Cinderella
        • their escape, scandalous
    • "brightey moon"
      • the moon is wife everything revolves around her
      • symbolic of love and women
    • enjambement
      • naturalistic
      • shows flow of day/ routine
      • rituals the couple have


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