Sheila Birling - An Inspector Calls

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  • Shelia Birling - An Inspector Calls
    • End
      • "I had her turned out a job. I started it."
        • Her and Eric are the only ones to focus on their past behaviour in Act 3.
        • Repetition of "I" shows clearly how Sheila now blames herself - and is starting to take responsibility for her actions.
      • "Between us we drove that girl to suicide"
        • She realises that it was the combined cruelty of all of their actions  which led to Eva's suicide - understanding the Inspector's lesson.
        • She speaks in a plain way - making clear her feelings. She understands that they are all responsible - and is ready to own up to her past mistakes.
    • Beginning
      • "Mummy" + "Daddy"
        • Both words are childish in nature - not the names a young adult would use.
        • Makes her sound immature and very dependent on her parents.
      • "Oh - Gerald - you've got it - is it the one you wanted"
        • Shows she is also reliant on Gerald as well as her parents. At this stage, she isn't an independent person.
        • All that matters to her is that the ring is expensive - she is only interested in material possessions (like her father).
    • Middle
      • "a very pretty girl too...and that didn't make it any better."
        • It is clear that Sheila was jealous of Eva - leading to her sacking.  It reveals how middle/upper class women were defined by their looks.
        • Sheila felt threatened by Eva - as she was a working class women who was just as pretty as her.
      • "miserably" + "distressed"
        • All stage directions - showing how genuinely Sheila is upset of the consequences of her actions.
        • Shows a real change in her character - however she wasn't feeling this until she was told what her actions did to Eva.


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