Sexual selection

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  • Sexual selection
    • Buss 1989
      • 10,000 people in 37 different cultures
      • females are looking for
        • ambition
          • seek resources
        • high IQ
          • skills in parenting
        • good financial prospects
          • provide for them
        • Dependable
          • supportive of mate
      • what males are looking for
        • younger
          • females are most fertile aged 21
        • physical appearance
          • ensure genes pass on
        • high IQ
          • skills in parenting
        • kind
          • interested in a long term relationship
      • difficult to apply to everyday life
        • low population validity
        • matter of preference
        • empowerment of females
        • younger females are easier to control
          • why Greek females were married of at 12
    • Cunningham
      • men were most attracted to females with youthful features
        • large eyes, small noses and chins
        • symbolical of fertility
    • Waynforth
      • females were attracted to masculine features
        • square jaw line
        • rigid eyebrows, small eyes and a symmetrical face
        • Bruce and young found that these characteristics will ensure reproductive success
      • specific to the American culture
    • Bailey and Zucker
      • looked at the preferences of both straight and gay men
        • both were looking for physical attractiveness and financial status was not important
        • Kendrick also looked at the correlations of their preferences
          • teenage males were looking for someone who was slightly older (even five years)
            • as they got older they preferred  someone who was older
    • short term dating
      • Clark and Hatfield
      • attractive university students approached  other students on campus
      • when asked for casual sex 0% of the females said yes and 75% of the males agreed
        • psychological mechanism to ensure short term dating to maximise reproductive success
    • The importance of fertility
      • Miller et al
        • looked at the correlation between the tips of lap dancers and their menstrual cycle
    • gender bias to believe that only males benefit from short term dating
      • Greiling and buss
        • way to leave a long term mate for a better one
        • producing more genetically diverse children


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