Sexual Relationships - Human Relationships

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  • Sexual Relationships
    • Catholic Beliefs
      • Are against any sexual act that takes place outside of marriage
        • Every sexual act should have the potential to result in a pregnancy
          • "Be fruitful and increase in number"
          • Therefore they cannot accept casual sex
      • Adultery is a sin: "You shall not commit adultery"
        • Marriage is a relationship that is blessed by God and adultery is going against his wishes
      • God gave us the gift of sex in order to reproduce
    • Liberal Beliefs
      • Sex does not have to take place inside of marriage as long as it is between a loving couple
      • They cannot accept casual sex
      • They still believe that it is better for a married couple to bring up a child
      • Adultery is wrong as you should only have one sexual partner who you care about
        • Aultery breaks wedding vows


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