Sex and Gender

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  • Sex and Gender
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    • Psychodynamic Theory
      • Girls- Phallic stage, Electra Complex. The girl is unconsciously attracted to the father and jealous to the mum. The girl thinks she already has been castrated so not scared, but doesn't want to lose their mother's love so resolves it and identifies with the mother.
      • Boys- Phallic Stage, Oedipus complex. Where the boy is unconsciously attracted to his mother and fears his father will castrate him if he found out so resolves these feelings by identifying with his father.
      • To investigate Little Hans' phobia
        • Hans' father wrote to Freud. Where he told him Hans' developed a phobia of horses he was frightened that he might fall or get bitten by the horse. Particularly white with black around the mouth.
          • Claimed that he displaced the fear of his father onto horses (Oedipus complex) Being afraid of getting bitten was the fear of castration and the horse falling was his father dying.
            • This supports Freud's ideas about the Oedipus complex.
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    • Key Words
      • Gender Identity- Their gender can be identified by their attitudes and behaviour (Psychological term)
      • Highly gender schematised- Where gender is important way of thinking about the world in organising information on what's appropriate or not.
      • Sex Identity- A child's sex can be determined by hormones and chromosomes, determining if they are male or female (Biological term)
      • Vicarious reinforcement- Learning from the model's behaviour being either rewarded or punished.
      • Gender Disturbance- Not developing the gender identity usually associated with their sex


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