Sex & Gender Defintions

This is all of the defintions within the whole topic of sex & gender.

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  • Sex & Gender Definitions
    • Definition of Androgyny - A type of gender where an individual shows high levels of both gender's traits.
    • Definition of Femininity - A gender term associated with female traits/roles.
    • Definition of Gender - A psychological term that tells us whether an individual is masculine or feminine.
    • Definition of Chromosome - A part of a cell that contains genetic information.
    • Definition of Hormone - A chemical produced by the body that affects cells and organs.
    • Definition of Oedipus Complex - A conflict that occurs when boys unconsciously desire their mother but fear their father finding out.
    • Definition of Electra Complex - A conflict that occurs when girls unconsciously desire their father, but worry about losing their mother's love.
    • Definition of Testosterone - A hormone which is produced in the male body and is said to effect their behaviour and body.
    • Definition of Oestrogen - A hormone which is produced in the female body and is said to affect their behaviour and body e.g. more sensitive.


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