Seperating Mixtures

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  • Separation Techniques
    • Chromatography
      • Separates solvent with a number of different solutes in the liquiud
      • Place a drop of the solution to be separated near the bottom of the paper. Dip the paper into the solvent. The solvent moves up the paper carrying the solutes in it.
      • Different solutes move at different speeds so they separate on paper.
    • Filtration
      • Separates mixtures of insoluble solids and liquids
      • Done by pouring the mixture through filtering paper. The insoluble solid is trapped and liquid goes through and is collected below.
    • Crystallisation
      • Heat the mixture so that the solvent evaporates. Eventually crystals of the solute will form. We can collect the solvent buy condensing it as it evaporates.
    • Fractional Distillation
      • Separates loads of liquids with different boiling points.
      • The mixtures is slowly heated until the liquid with the lowest boiling point boils and condenses . Then the temperature is slowly raised to collect the other fractions.
    • Simple Distillation
      • Separates two liquids with different boiling points
      • The mixture is heated until the liquid with the lower boiling point starts to boil. The vapour released passes through a condenser where the gas cools back into a liquid.


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