Separation techniques

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Liquids can be seperated in 2 ways depending on whether they are miscible or immiscible.

Miscible Liquids

Miscible liquids can be seperated using fractional distilation, its hard to seperate the liquids as they have disolved in one another but it ispossible to do as each different liquid has different boiling points 

fractional distilation of liquid air

about 78% of the air is nitrogen and 21% oxygen. the gases can be seperated by fractional distilation of liquid air. 

1.water vapour condenses and is removed using absorbent filters

2.caron dioxide freezes at -79ºC and is removed

3.oxygen liquefies at -183ºC

4.nitrogen liquifies at -196ºC

the liquid nitrogen and oxygen are then seperated in fractional distilation.

Imminscible Liquids

immiscible means that the liquids don't disolve in each other seperating immiscible liquids


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