Separation Techniques

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  • Separation Techniques
    • Miscible Liquids Mix Together but Immiscible Liquids Don't.
      • Some liquids mix together, others don't.
      • Liquids the mix are miscible, e.g. milk and tea.
      • Liquids that don't mix properly are immiscible, e.g. oil and water.
    • Use  a Separating Funnel to Separate Immiscible Liquids.
      • Shake the two liquids together.
      • Let them stand, allowing them to separate in to layers.
      • Use a separating funnel with a tap to separate the layers.
      • The tap can be opened to drain of the lower layer in to a beaker.
    • Fractional Distillation Separates Out Miscible Liquids
      • Mixture is headed, allowing the liquids to become gasses which rise up the column and cool down.
      • When the gases are cooled enough, they will condense.
        • Some mixtures condense at different temperatures, allowing them to be collected separately.


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