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    • Study of meanings and how they are created through choices of words and phrases
    • Sometimes meaning is implicit (hidden) or explicit (obvious)
    • A word will have a literal meaning but will be associated with other meanings
    • Denotation
      • Definition of word
    • Connotation
      • Associations the word has
    • Synonym
      • Words that have similar meanings e.g. grub and food
    • Antonyms
      • Words with opposite meanings e.g. male/female
    • Semantic fields
      • Groups of words that are connected by meaning
    • Hypernym
      • General words e.g. furniture
    • Hyponym
      • More specific words e.g. table, chairs
    • Euphemism
      • Avoid stating what you actually mean
    • Dsyphemism
      • Allow us to say what we mean very blunty
    • Figurative language
      • Isn't mean to be taken literally
      • Similes
      • Metaphors
        • When something is described as something it literally isn't
      • Personification
      • Adds colour to the language


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