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grammatical features

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“Pragmatics studies the factors that govern our choice of language in social interaction and the effects of our choice on others"


People may need a pragmatic understanding of something. this means they need to know the meaning of the topice to understand it.

Pragmatics: socialisation of things around you.

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Discourse is the style language: it can be written or spoken it can also be multi modal.

Discourse marker is a word or phrase  used in a conversation to siganl the speakers intention to mark a boundary
"anyway, i'll have to be going now"

the function of anyway is to signal a change in the direction of the conversatiom.

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Semantics is the study of meaning
Semantic theories:

Words and lexemes
Denotation, connotation, implication
Metaphor, simile and symbol
Semantic fields
Synonym, antonym and hyponym
Collocation, fixed expression and idiom
Semantic change and etymology
Homonymy, homophones and homographs
Lexicology and lexicography
Thesauruses, libraries and Web portals

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