Secularisation debate: it is occuring

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  • Secularisation debate: it is occurring
    • Statistical evidence
      • church attendence
        • 2015- 5% attend church on sundays
        • although, not shown in smaller religions, people too busy, people work, not attending doesn't mean not believing
      • weddings and baptisms
        • 1971- 60% married in church. 2012- 30%
          • better venues?
        • baptisms decreased although increase with older children- bogus baptisms
      • religios affliliation
        • 2014 half od adults say theyre religious
        • however, religious beliefs are private so these stats may be wrong
    • The growth of science
      • weber
        • rationalisation
        • disenchatntment
        • desacrilisation
      • Bruce
        • technological world view
        • take religious explanations less seriously
    • The decline in meta- narratives
      • peter berger
      • used to be single sacred canopy- set of shared beliefs
      • society no longer unifed, different interpreations of the truth, religious pluralism.
      • meta narrative- a theory which claims to be above the ordinary
    • separation of religion from the state
      • parsons- structural differentiattion
        • society is more complex instituations lose many of their functions
        • led to disengagement of religion from state. lost influence over ublic life


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