Secularisation debate: it isnt occuring

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  • Secularisation debate: It isn't occuring
    • Golden age never exsisted
      • Rodney stark assumes golden age
      • bruce- evidence shows widespread indifference to religion. people went unwillingly and acted inappropriste
      • attendance rates haven't declined as it was never that high anyway, less expectation to be religious
    • believing without belonging/ vicarious religion
      • Grace davie- from obligation to consumption
        • people no longer feel they have to make beliefs public or be religious
      • religion practiced by an active minority ( church leaders) on behalf of silent majority
        • visible during critical periods of peoples lives
    • secularisation cycle
      • stark and bainbridge
        • religion adapts to meet the needs of society
      • constant demand for religion
      • church looses influence, sects and cults grow.
    • need for religion for ethnic minorties
      • steve bruce
      • allows for cultural identity / defence
      • practices allow customs to be maintained and cultural identity to be protected
    • growth of spirituality
      • Kendal project
      • religiosity not in decrease, changing to be more spiritual
      • lyon- period of reenchantment
    • cultural amnesia and personalisation of religion
      • Danielle herview lerger
      • cultural amnesia- loss of collective worship, free to choose
      • no longer fixed religion, religious consumerism has replaced it
      • spiritual shoppers, converts/ pilgrims. DIY cocktail (bunting)
  • revival
    • decline
      • innovation
        • revival
          • decline
            • innovation


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