Of Mice and Men - Section 1

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  • Section 1
    • Setting
      • Like a stage setting, waiting their arrival.
        • Detailed snapshot tells us others have stopped there.
      • Varied, colorful description of rural California.
        • Suggests Lennie and George are small, unimportant figures in the world.
      • 'Sculptured stones' create mythic or timeless feel.
        • Present tense contributes to timelessness.
          • Rabbits come to have a great significance.
        • Vivid images create warm, dry evening.
    • Lennie and George - Friends or Foes?
      • Emphasizes similarity - wearing same clothes.
        • Lennie - shapeless, bear like.
          • Metaphor - makes bear like qualities clear.
            • Delight in causing ripples implies simple minded nature.
        • George - small, defined features.
          • Presented as angry and irritated.
            • Feels responsible.
        • Dreams of owning farm reveals closeness.
          • 'Bad things' 'hot water' 'pet' foreshadow later events.


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