Scientific explanation of the origins of the world

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  • Scientific explanation of the origins of the world
    • Matter is eternal; it can not be created or destroyed so it can only be changed
      • 1. About 15 billion years ago = big bang
      • 2. After the big bang forces of gravity and other laws of science formed stars and about 5 billion years ago the solar system was formed
      • 3. The combination of gases on Earth's surface produced primitive life forms like amobea
      • 4. The genetic structure of these life forms produced mutations
      • 5. Any change which is better suited will survive over the other characteristic i.e. survival of the fittest
      • 6. Over millions of years new life forms were produced leading to vegetation, then invertebrate animals, then vertebrates and then 2.5 million years ago humans
    • Evidence for the big bang
      • Red shift- red shift from distant galaxies  shows the universe is expanding
    • Evidence for evolution
      • Fossils
      • Similarities between life forms
    • How scientific explanations can lead to agnosticism or atheism
      • Science can explain where the world came from without reference to God
      • This can lead to agnosticism as they are unsure if God exists
      • Others may be atheists as they can be sure there is not a God otherwise If God exists he would of made the world and he must be the only explanation of the world


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