Themes: Science in 'Woyzeck'

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  • Science in 'Woyzeck'
    • Scene Three: The Fairground
      • "The astronomical horse"
        • Something natural being manipulated by science
      • "I must see this!" - Marie
        • Human's natural inquisitive attitude toward   scientfic progression
    • Scene Six: Woyzeck in the Street
      • "A revolution's taking place in Science!"
        • Context: Inquisitive scientific period
      • "Anger is unhealthy, unscientific."
        • Detaching humanity as a weakness; Normality is seen as something uneducated and unrefined
    • Scene Eight: Students
      • I'm getting the shakes, Doctor"
        • Shows the negative effects of brutal scientific experiments
      • (pleased) Is that so? How interesting
        • Doesn't care about Woyzeck, only the effects of experiment
    • Scene Nine: Doctor and Captain
      • "Allow me the privilege of saving a human life, Doctor."
        • Turning to science as refuge
      • "Apoplectic type"
        • Repetitious jargon to undermine the Captain
      • "Cerebral paralysis"
        • Jargon to confuse. Class Divide.
      • "I'll be able to do experiments on it that will make you go down in medical history."
        • Sense of glory and fame.
      • "Pulse, Woyzeck, Pulse!"
        • Pressurising, scientific demands upon Woyzeck
    • Scene Fifteen: The Tavern
      • "Look, he's bleeding"
        • Awareness of the body, making a spectacle of Woyzeck.
    • Scene Twenty-Four: The Morgue
      • "Little decomposition"
        • Jargon, to show power
      • "Yes: routine, routine"
        • Not affected by Woyzeck's death: sees it in an analytical way
      • "What a waste! Just when you were really becoming interesting."
        • Only sees Woyzeck as something to study in his pain
      • "Oh, marvellous - marvellous."
        • Captain marvels at this scientific approach to emotion
      • "To work that out from them being found in the lake and her with head hanging off"
        • Absurd! This is said so casually that it shows how science overtakes emotion




Absolutely wonderful resource. Was having a mare before reading this. Thanks so much Brontie

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