Schaffer's Stages of Attachment AO3

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  • Shaffer's Stages of Attachment
    • Based on good research
      • naturalistic experiment
        • participants observed in natural environment
        • babies were observed in their homes
        • allows babies to act as they normally would, increasing the validity of the theory
      • It is a longitudinal study
        • participants are observed over a long time
        • the babies were observed over a year
        • babies can show Schaffer's stages which increases validity
    • A problem with the research is hard to generalise the results
      • All families were middle class, Glaswegians in England
      • findings cant be generalised to the upper class, eg people with nannies
      • different cultures take care of kids in different ways
      • kids are being brought up differently from 50 years ago
      • the study is limited, which translates to Schaffer's theory
    • A problem with the Asocial stage
      • babies have poor co-ordination and cant move
      • it is hard to make judgements on behaviour because there is none
      • means a baby could have social cognitions and feelings however there is no reliable evidense


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