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Ozymandias - Key Quotes

  • 'sneer of cold command'
  • 'my name is Ozymandias, king of kings/look on my work ye mighty and despair'
  • 'nothing beside remains'
  • 'round the decay, of that colossal wreck'
  • 'lone and level sands stretch far away'
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London Key Quotes

  • 'chartered Thames does flow'
  • 'in every face I meet/ marks of weakness, marks of woe'
  • 'mind forged manacles'
  • 'chimney sweepers cry'
  • 'every blackn'ing church appalls/ and the hapless soldier's sigh/ runs in blood down palace walls'
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The Prelude Key Quotes

  • 'lustily/I dipped my oars into the silent lake'
  • 'melted into all one track/ of sparkling light'
  • 'like a living thing strode after me'
  • 'no familiar shapes remained/ no plesants images of trees/of sea or sky'
  • 'moved slowly through the mind/by day, and were a trouble to my dreams
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My Last Duchess - Key Quotes

  • That's my last duchess painted on the wall/ looking as if she was alive
  • Some how - I know not how- as if she ranked/ my gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name/with anyone's gift
  • I gave commands, then all smiles stopped
  • Notice Neptune, though, taming a seahorse
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Storm on the Island

  • we are prepared, we build our houses squat'
  • blast: you know what I mean-leaves and branches can raise a tragic gale
  • the very windows, spits like a tame cat turned savage
  • while wind dives/and strafes invisibly/space is a salvo/ we are bombarded by the empty air
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Bayonet Charge Key Quotes

  • suddenly he awoke and was running-raw
  • he lugged a rifle as numb as a smashed arm
  • in what cold clockwork of the stars of the stars annd nations/ was he the hands pointing that second
  • threw up a yellow hare that rolled like a flame
  • king, honour,  human dignity, ecetera/ dropped like luxuries in a yelling alarm
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Remains Key Quotes

  • one of my mates goes by and tosses his guts back into his body
  • I see broad daylight on the other side
  • end of story except not really
  • drinks and drugs won't flush him out
  • his bloody life in my bloody hands
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Charge of the Light Brigade

  • someone had blunder'd
  • their's not to make reply/ their's not to reason why/ their's but to do and die
  • into the jaws of death, into the the mouth of hell
  • while horse and hero fell
  • Honour the charge they made!/Honour the Light Brigade!/Noble six hundred!
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Exposure Key Quotes

  • our brains ache in the merciless iced east winds that knive us
  • dawn massing in the east her melancholy army
  • gunnery rumbles/ far off, like a dull rumour of some other war
  • the burying-party, picks and shovels in shaking grasp
  • The love of God seems dying
  • Is it that we are dying?
  • but nothing happens
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  • all my words flattened, rolled, turned into felt, slowly melting
  • I steeled the softening of my face
  • I resisted the impulse to run my fingers through the gelled blackthorns of your hair
  • The world over flowing like a treasure chest/ a split second you were away, intoxicated
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War Photographer

  • He has a job to do
  • he/ a Priest preparing to intone a Mass
  • Belfast. Beirut. Phonm Penh. All flesh is grass
  • a hundred agonies
  • Home again/ to ordinary ppain which simple weather can dispel
  • explode beneath the feet/of running children in a nightmare heatthe reader's eyeballs procks with tears between bath and pre-lunch beers
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Checking Out Me History Key Quotes

  • Dem tell me/ Dem tell me/ wha dem want to tell me
  • Bandage up me eye with me own history/ Blind me to my own identity
  • Toussaint de thorn/ to de French/ Toussaint de Beacon/ of de Haitian Revolution
  • Nanny/see far woman
  • [Mary Seacole] She still brave the Russian snow'
  • 'a healing star among the wounded/a yellow sunrise/to the dying
  • But now I checking out me own history/I carving out me identity
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Kamikaze Key Quotes

  • Her father embarked on sunrise
  • little fishing boatts/strung out like bunting/on a green-blue translucent sea
  • flashing silver as their bellies/swivelled towards the sun
  • they treated him/ as though he no longer existed
  • we too learned/to be silent/to live as though he had never returned
  • he must have wonnderd/which had been the better way to die
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Tissue Key Quotes

  • "Let the daylight break through capitals and monoliths"
  • Represents human governments and buildings, they are just temporary when compared to nature
  • 'if buildings were paper I might feel their drift'
  • 'what was paid by credit card might fly our lives like paper kites'
  • place layer over layer, luminous script over numbers over line, and never wish to build again with brick'
  • "Pages smoothed and stricken and turned"
  • Gentle verbs and the reputation of "and" shoes that the pages are treated with respect and affection - the description makes them sound almost as if they're a child or a pet
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The Emigree Key Quotes

  • "the bright, filled paperweight"
  • "there once was a country"
  • "I am branded by an impression of sunlight"
  • "I comb its hair and love its shining eyes"
  • "time rolls its tanks"
  • 'sick with tyrants'
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