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Hindu worship.

In there house, they have shrines this can be a seperate room, or simply a corner, set aside for worship.

It is here that an act of worship, A PUJA, is most likely to be carried out, there are no special dates or times for worship.

Each family has its own special god, to whom the shrine is dedicated, often this god is the much loved, KRISHNA, who was reoned for his love & kindness during the nine AVATARS. The hindus believe he made earth.

Trees are holy in hinduism, as part of there worship, they often visit them.

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Hindu worship

Worship in the MANDIR, they go along to offer devotion to god. Done by lighting a candle making an offering, saying there prays, singing sngs, and listening to teachings from priests.

There is a path which makes its way around the MANDIR, as they walk along, as they say there prayers.

When the offer a PUJA, they knee in front of a shrine, and make offerings such as fruit & sweets. In return the priests gives the worshipper a offering of PRASAD (holy food), which has earlier been offered to the MURTI, the image of the god. A mark is made on the forehead of each worshipper, with red powder, prayers siliently, for the PRASAD, is presented back. He or she eats a small part of the offering before giving the remains to everyone in the MANDIR, RICH OR POOR.

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Christain Worship

Anglican and Roman Catholic Worship- the older christian dominations, such as the Anglicans and Roman Catholics, ususally follow a service taken from their own prayer book. In the Anglican Church, there are two prayer books in common use. One, the BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, dates back to the sixteenth century. Two, the other book, COMMON WORSHIP, brought into use in 2001.

The Roman Catholic Prayer book is called MISSAL. Many people use services from the books because they become familiar with the words it contains. In these services of HOLY COMMUNION is far more important than any other.

In Anglican churches it is held at least ONCE A WEEK but in Roman Catholic churches this service, called a MASS, is celebrated everyday.

The most inportant responsibility of the preist is to conduct the MASS.

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Christain Worship

Nonconformist Worship- nonconformist churches do not use a prayer book. they believ each act of worship should be inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.

In BAPTIST and METHODIST services the emphasis is very much on HYMN SINGING and PRAYERS. that do not use a set form of words, or readings from the BIBLE and the SERMON.

some smaller churches do not have a preist or minister of there own to lead the worship. usually members of the congregation take the service. QUAKERS rely on someone in the congregation being inspired to take the lead. Almost all their time spent together is taken up in silent prayer and reflection.

House Churches- although most worship takes place in a CATHERDAL, CHURCH or CHAPEL, it has become popular to worship in HOUSE CHURCHES.

In recent years, large Christain festivals, such as GREENBELT and SPRING HARVEST, have brought young christians together to worship and learn more about there faith.

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