Ronald Reagan's First Term 1981-1984

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  • Ronald Reagan - First Term - 1981-1984
    • Increasing Nuclear armaments and Spending
      • deployed **-20 nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe
      • 13% increase in 1982
        • Over 8% in the following 2 years
      • CIA budget increased rapidly
      • Developed the Stealth Bomber
        • Costing $1.5 trillion
      • Also developed the Trident Submarine
      • Reagan was horrified by nuclear weapons
    • He believed the way to deal with Moscow was to build up American nuclear superiority and combat Soviet interventions in the third world
    • SDI 'Star Wars' March 1983
      • it's the development of an anti-ballistic missile system
        • Deploys weapons in outer space as a 'shield' to destroy enemy missiles in flight
      • It threatened to violate US-Soviet agreements
        • Limited Test Ban Treaty 1963
        • ABM Treaty 1972
      • It was destabilising mutual deterrence and accelerated the arms race
      • It's intention was to regain military supremacy over the Soviet Union
        • Although there's no evidence that Soviet defence spending increased significantly in response
        • Gaddis argues that the reaction in the Kremlin 'Approached panic'
      • SDI was the centre of arms talks during the whole Reagan administation
    • The 'Reagan Doctrine'
      • The aim was to send assistance to anti-communist insurgents and governments
      • Nicragua
        • Military aid supplied to the Contras - a right-wing guerrilla organisation fighting the communist government
      • El Salvador
        • Support for right-wing government faced with popular left-wing revolt
      • Phillipines
        • Support for the anti-Communist Marcos government
      • Afghanistan
        • Stinger anti-aircraft missiles were supplied to the Mujahideen fighting soviet forces
      • Poland
        • When Solidarity was banned, US loans and bank credits cut off and tariffs placed on Polish exports to the USA
      • US actions in Grenada, Nicaragua and El Salvador demonstrated the willingness of the US to intervene in the internal policies of other countries
        • This was strongly supported by Reagans secretary of Defence Caspar Weinberger
        • These actions were criticised by liberals and socialists as a threat to people to choose their own desitiny


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