Romeo & Juliet- Act 1

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  • Romeo & Juliet
    • Act 1- (scene 1, 2 & 3)
      • Starts with a sword fight Montague v. Capulet.
      • Prologue is a sonnet. audience is told 'star-crossed lovers' will die.
      • Prince says the next person to start a fight will be executed.
      • Tybalt is in the first scene fighting. He is shown as trouble.
      • Paris asks for Juliet's hand in marriage. Lord Capulet wants her to fall in love.
      • Rosaline and Paris make Romeo and Juliet seem more passionate and loving.
      • Romeo loves Rosaline. She is chaste. He is romantic.
    • Act 1- (scene 4 & 5)
      • Capulets are having a ball in which Benvolio and Romeo go.
      • Romeo had a dream which makes him frightened to go. Tension is created.
      • Romeo meets Juliet. Tybalt sees Romeo. Lord Capulet stops Tybalt from fighting Romeo. Relationship is already threatened.
      • R&J's first conversation is a sonnet. They understand each other, fit each others' rhyme/rhythm.
      • Religious imagery-they worship each other.
      • "My only love sprung from my only hate-Romeo. Families hate each other.


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