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  • Roles and Relationships
    • Housework and Childcare
      • Feminists see that there is an unequal divide in power in the family.
      • DYRDEN (1999) found that women are still responsible for the housework in most marriages.
      • SCLATER (2000) found that household technologies are aimed at women because they can serve them in the home.
      • DUNCOMBE and MARSDEN (1995) found that women were emotionally and psychologically damaged by being responsible for the emotional wellbeing of their husbands.
    • Decision Making
      • BERNARDES (1997) notes that most female careers are interrupted by childbirth and most expensive download mobility into low paid, low status part time jobs.
      • HARDILL ET AL (1997) discovered that middle class wives put off major decision making. For example buying a car. They concluded that men demanded that their career should determine the families decisions because they are the breadwinner.
      • LEIGHTON (1992) concluded that decision making are altered where men were unemployed or earned less than their wife.
    • Fatherhood
      • DENNIE AND ERDOS (2000) suggest that fatherless children are less successfully socialized. Since the 1990s fatherhood has changed. Men are more likely to attend births, childcare and an active role in emotional development.
      • BBURGHES (1997) fathers taking increasingly active role in emotional development of their children.
      • BECK (1992) men can no longer rely on work to provide identity and fulfillment so use children for this instead.
      • DEX (2003) 30% men/6% female work over 48 hours a week. would like to spend more time with children but are unable to.
    • Social Capitial
      • Parenting has been redefined as investing time in children which will benefit the child emotionally, educationally and economically.
      • GRAY (2006) found that male and female parents saw spending time with their children as an important aspect of family relationships. Fathers were more likely to spend time with children through choice than out of obligation, and as a result saw it as a more quality time.
    • The Housewife Role
      • Some feminists suggest that women are more likely to have a job rather than a career because of the fact they tend housework and childcare as well paid work.
      • Some employers believe that women are less reliable than men because of the other commitments they have outside of their work and discriminate against them as a result
    • Domestic Violence
      • SCLATER (2000) notes that domestic violence is difficult to define.
      • DOBASH and DOBASH (1980) state domestic violence accounts for 16% of all violent crime. Women do not report violence because of fear.
      • KIRKWOOD (1993) domestic violence causes psychological harm too.


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