Role of Synapses in Nervous System

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  • Role of synapses in the Nervous System
    • Convergence
      • Several  presynaptic neurones.
      • To one postsynaptic neurone.
      • Allow signals from all over NS to create same response.
    • Divergence
      • One presynaptic neurone.
      • To several postsynaptic neurones.
      • Allows one signal to be transported all over NS.
    • Direction
      • Only transmitted in one correct direction.
      • Only presynaptic knob contains acetylcholine.
    • Filtering low level signals
      • Persistent low level- unlikely to pass across synapse.
      • Several vesicles of acetylcholine needed to create action potential in postsynaptic neurone.
    • Summation
      • Spatial summation
        • Several presynaptic neurones contribute to creating action potential.
      • Temporal summation
        • Series of action potentials in presynaptic neurone release many vesicles of acetylcholine
      • Amplification of low level stimuli.
    • Acclimatisation
      • Repeated Stimulus
        • Runs out of acetylcholine (or any transmitter)
        • Synapse 'fatigued'
      • Helps avoid over-stimulation of effector


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