hydrological cycle

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  • Rivers and coasts
      • Precipitation
        • all water released from clouds such as rain, snow, hail, sleet and fog
      • Surface Run off
        • water flowing across the surface.
          • may be a channel, such as a river or stream or it may be overland flow when it makes its way across a field.
      • Interception
        • when water collects on objects such as leaves or flat roofs
      • Infiltration
        • when water soaks into soil
      • Throughflow
        • when water soaks into soil and seeps through it towards the river or sea
      • Percolation
        • the downward movement of water though soil into rocks
      • Groundwater flow
        • The movement of water below the water table. Water which is stored underground
      • Evaporation
        • When water which is heated by the sun becomes vapour and rises into the atmosphere. This may take place over land or sea.
      • Transpiration
        • All plants lose water through their leaves. Transpiration is when this water returns to the atmosphere where it evaporates.
      • Evapotranspiration
        • The term for the process of both transpiration and evaporation
      • Condensation
        • When water vapour is cooled and turns into water droplets to form clouds
      • Water table
        • The upper level of saturated ground. the level is closer to the surface in winter because there is more rain


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