RIVERS: Hydrological Cycle

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  • RIVERS: Hydrological Cycle
      • Infiltration
        • Through soil.
      • Stemflow
        • Down the stems of plants or trunks of trees to the ground.
      • Percolation
        • Through rocks towards water table
      • Evapouration
        • Water turns from liquid to gas & returns to the atmosphere.
      • Precipitation
      • Transpiration
        • Evapourationfrom inside vegetation.
      • Throughflow
        • Though soil towards river.
      • Surface Runoff
        • Over surface of the ground towards river.
      • Channel Flow
        • Through the river channel. Most efficient removal of water.
      • Groundwater flow
        • Through permeable rocks towards river. eg. Sandstone. Slowest transfer.
      • Groundwater Storage
        • Precipitation is stored in permeable rocks below the surface in an aquifer.
      • Interception
        • Precipitation is trapped or stored temporarily on vegetation eg. Trees
      • Surface Storage
        • Part of precipitation stored at ground surface. Eg. Lakes & Reservoirs.


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