River Ribble

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  • River Ribble
    • Rock Type
      • Millstone Grit
        • Impermeable so overland flow is rapid
      • Carboniferous Limestone
        • Permeable so throughflow reaches river
    • Rainfall
      • 1775mm at the source
      • 890mm at the estuary
      • Andecedent Rainfall
      • Infiltration increase
    • Urbanisation
      • Urbanised areas e.g Burnley
    • Agriculture
      • Overstockingwith sheep
        • Especially in the FOREST OF BOWLAND
      • Soil erosion = faster overland flow
      • Burning of heather for grouse
        • Peat cover lost
    • Shape & Size of Basin
      • Elongated
      • Extensive flood plains in the upper parts
        • Due to iso-static change




is it andecedent rainfall or antecedent rainfall? because I heard differently in my lesson today

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