River Eden

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    • Location and background
      • Runs through North Cumbria
      • Flooding is common in the basin and surrounding areas
    • Physical factors that increase flood risk
      • Faces south-westerly winds so climate is mild and wet
      • Often has intense rainfall, records recorded there
      • Basin is bordered by Lake district and Pennines
        • These have hard impermeable rocks so water runs into the river channel
      • Snowfall is common in Winter
        • Melting adds lots of water to channel in short space of time
    • Human activities that increase flood risk
      • Carlisle is a built-up area, lots of development of the Eden's flood plain
        • Lack of soil/vegetation means little infiltration of rainfall, so higher surface runoff
      • Natural woodland cleared
        • Increases surface runoff when it rains and water reaches the channel more quickly
      • Parts of the valley have been drained to make them suitable for farming
        • Drainage ditches means water flows rapidly to the channel
    • 05/12/15 flood
      • Antecedent conditions
        • Soil already saturated and river discharge high
      • Short lag time
        • Rainwater quickly reached main channel
      • Blockages
        • Debris blocked smaller channels and bridges forcing water out of the channel
      • Insufficient drainage
        • Systems couldn't cope with volume of water and overflowed, making the flood worse


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