right realism

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  • right realism
    • causes of crime
      • biological differences
        • personality traits (aggression) and low intelligence
      • inadequate socialisation
        • Murray- lone-parent welfare
      • rational choice to offend
        • Clarke- decisions of whether the consequences out weigh the benefit of the crime or not
    • crime prevention
      • situational- target hardening
        • Felson- designing out the crime
          • sinks made smaller, harder for homeless to wash themselves
        • A02
          • displacement
            • spatial- different areea
            • temporal- different time
            • target- different vicitm
            • tactical- different method
            • functional- different type of crime
      • zero tolerance
        • Wilson and Kelling's- broken windows
        • clean car policy
        • A02
          • 7,000 new NYPD officer, not means of telling how well it worked, if at all
      • social and community
        • stop people from beocming criminals in the first place
          • improving intellectual ability leands to less crime
          • A02
            • corporate crime not explained


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