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    • Releases energy from glucose
      • Requires oxygen
      • Glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water (+energy)
      • Happens all the time in the cells of animals and plants
        • Inside the mitochondria of cells
      • When exercising our muscles respire more
        • Our muscles can store glucose as glycogen for later use
          • Plants store glucose as starch
      • Oxygen and glucose need to be delivered to our muscles faster
      • Waste carbon dioxide and water need to be removed faster
      • And so our heart rate increases, our rate of breathing increases and our breaths get deeper
        • Increased heart rate speeds up the flow of blood around our body
      • When not enough oxygen is being supplied to our muscles, we respire anaerobically
      • The incomplete breakdown of glucose
      • Waste product of lactic acid instead of carbon dioxide and water
      • Respiration with little/no oxygen
      • Muscle fatigue
        • Our muscles become tires after long periods of vigorous activity
        • Muscles stop contracting as they should
        • Caused by a build up of lactic acid from anaerobic respiration
      • Oxygen debt
        • Anaerobic respiration makes oxygen debt
        • Reffers to the amount of oxygen needed to oxidize the lactic acid into carbon dioxide and water


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