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  • ICT Sector Worldwide
    • Trends
      • General upward ICT growth trend driven by mobile services while fixed-telephone lines continue a long term decline.
      • Broadband services are at the forefront of growth and mobile-broadband is providing the quickest access in developing nations.
      • Producvity and potential depend on the populations skill to use these services.
      • Companies have shifted from being stated owned to highly competitive oligopolies - greater efficiency better prices and increased quality of services
    • Definition: Telecom is all transmission, emission or reception of signals carrying info of any nature by electromagnetic systems.
    • Characterized by large infrastructure investmentd
    • Increases i productivity lead to major economic impacts.
      • Provides opportunity to "leap frog" economically
    • Initial research question: How has the introduction of mobile date in late 2018 has resulted in an expansion of the market for internet during 2019.
      • Current:How has the introduction of mobile data in late 2018 affected the expansion of the market from 2015 to 2019.
        • Focus on the 4 year period and look at how internet has been introduced along the way.
        • What does Expansion look like?: Better qualityMore penetration( provide services to more areas)More variety of services
          • Government has recognized expansion is impossible without proper infrastructure and that much more investment is needed.
            • Infrastructure measured in the amount of radiostations.
          • Mainly supply related*
    • Economic concepts have to be sprawled throughout the essay. OPP COST
      • Compare the theory to real life(cuba is atypical)
    • Intro: Economical context of Cuba (transition from planned to mix economy)Relevance and importance of the ICT sector.Political willingness to increase the sector
      • Increase in productivity Connected industries and economy as a whole





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