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  • Observations
    • Covert
      • Advantages:  No more demand characteristic    More natural arrangement : high ecological validity
      • Disadvantages;  unethical
      • participants are unware they are being observed
    • Overt
      • participants aware they are being observed
      • Advantages ; ethical informed consent
      • Disadvantages demand characteristic
    • Structured
      • observers decide what  behaviours  they are looking for and advise a fixed checklist
      • Advantages: easy to analyse and assess what's going on
      • Disadvantage; open to researcher bias
    • Unstructured
      • Advanatges; detailed notes on PPs behaviour
      • Disadvantages ; difficult to compare qualitative data
      • observer just records all actions of participant
    • Event sampling
      • advantages catches all behaviour you are looking for useful when behaviours recorded only happens occasionaly
      • disadvantages  difficult to concentrate for long periods of time
      • observes have a predetermined fixed checklist of behaviours to look out for and observe the whole event
    • time sampling
      • observers watch for set periods of time between set intervals of time
      • advantages more focused on only watching for short time
      • disadvantages may miss interesting behaviours
    • participant observation
      • observer takes part in the action they're observing
      • advantages more natural arrangement insight into people behaviour
      • difficult to take notes researcher may become to involved researcher bias
    • non-participant
      • observer does not take part
      • researcher can take notes easily and there is less influence on peoples behaviour
      • disadvantages less natural environment
    • Laboratory experiments
      • carried out in controlled setting
      • easily replicated high levels of control over extraneous varialbes
      • lacks ecological validity
    • field expirement
      • carried out in natural environment
      • easier to generalise findings IV can be manipulated
      • time consuming
    • quasi-experiment
      • carried out in lab or field and doesn't affect variables
      • more ethical as participants not manipulated
      • have to wait for IV to occur naturally
    • extraneous variables
      • pp variables; individual differences between pps
      • removes participants variables n each pp tested in both conditions
      • order effects need to be controlled


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