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  • Case studies - research methods
    • General
      • detailed study of individ, institution or event
      • overlaps with longitudinal studies
        • eg. how people where effected by an event over a certain amount of time
    • Individuals
      • HM - concerned memory, inability to form new memories but learned his way around the lab
      • Little Hans - psychoanalysis by Freud - Little Albert was NOT - trials of CC not a detailed account of him
      • Genie, czech twins
    • Events
      • 911, Grenfell tower, London mobs 2011
    • Evaluation (A03)
      • offers rich, in-depth data info. insight info overlooked by other methods are likely to be identified
      • sample: with some conditions, lots of people may be hard to find so case studies are better
      • research into some conditions (eg. privation) will be unethical - Genie
      • difficult to generalise from individ cases
      • unique individs - HM study tells us about his operation of memory but don't know how much his epilepsy affects his behaviour
      • confidentiality, informed consent issues
      • continuing to treat people (longitudinal study) can cause more stress / damage (Genie)
      • longitudinal case studies - people can drop out (sample attrition)
        • some types of people may drop out - therefore sample become skewed


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