Research methods

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  • Research Methods
    • Hypotheses
    • Reliability
      • Internal- measuring the same thing? Consistent?
        • External- same reuslts different occasions?
      • Validity
        • Internal- measuring what we think we are?
          • External- Can it be generalised beyond the experimental setting?
    • Research Process
      • Identify a problem or topic of interest
        • Gather background information.
          • Identify research hypothesis or questions.
            • Choose a research method to collect data (questionnaire, interviews, observation)
              • Conduct a pilot study
                • Collect data to test hypothesis.
                  • Analyse the data.
                    • Draw the conclusions and repeat the findings.
    • Experiments in psychology
      • Deduction
        • Study
          • Use of a method to test a hypothesis.
  • Hypothesis
  • Theory
    • Explanation of why something happens


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